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"Lose the wire grill scraper."

— Everyone

Our Cedar Grill Scraper is designed to mould to the grilling surface of your barbeque.   A few careful strokes over the grate on your barbeque, set to medium/high heat, will create a pattern on your scraper that will allow easy and complete cleaning of your grill each time you prepare it for grilling.


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Grilling with wood enhances the natural flavours of your dish while adding a delicate hint of maple or cedar.  

Using wood wraps for your veggies, meat or fish keeps the moisture in with no charring. Moist, delicious and flavour filled dishes await with Folly Mountain Grilling products. 

Bring more flavour to your meals



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Nova Scotia Hardwood

Our Maple grilling products are made only from hardwood trees grown in Nova Scotia.

The nutrient rich soil found in Nova Scotia, creates maple hardwoods that are full of natural flavour and can bring your food to the next level in taste.  


Who we are...

Rooted amongst the hardwood trees on picturesque Folly Mountain, we operate a full scale modern milling facility where we create a variety of Grilling and Kitchen products made from kiln dried Western Red Cedar and Nova Scotia Maple.

Some of our products include; Cedar grill scrapers, grilling planks, wraps, chips, and various cooking utensils for use in the kitchen and on the grill.

We are proud to offer our customers products made in a facility which is HACCP gold certified, assuring the highest level of food safety is taken when preparing our products.